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About ZanoHour

ZanoHour's foundation was built from the experience of Sir. Nicholas Schmeichel. who brought together professionals consisting of experts in banking area, certified lawyers, economists and team of programmers competent in cryptocureency industry at the basic dynamics level. The company was registered and fully certified to begin trading operations in Switzerland.

We bring to the world an ideal long term solution applicable to all members from different countries. Our analysts have carefully studied the trading market that exist in the world today as well as advancing to estimate costs and risks management in this crypto economic. This resulted to offering only one investment plan and hourly payment system. with all the progress and best achievements of ZanoHour's economists and technologists in the fields of electronic currency, stability is certain.

Numerous researches have proved that we succeeded in combining of multi-level security process with the simplicity and convenience of system's use. ZanoHour crypto-trading scheme is consistency and stability.